Our Why

Our Why

From the Cape flats to the European highlands. Flat Mountain Living is a project built on an intimate relationship with the outdoors and its people. 

“Run” they said, “It's cheap” they said, but an addiction never is. Throw in some fresh air and nature and you have yourself a very expensive hobby. Think four pairs of shoes a year, think a 200 euro bag that you use every other weekend. Think those long amazing trips to places where the easy is made difficult just long enough for it to be an exhilarating experience. Your well-being is costly, and nobody should put a price to it. The least we could expect is to get  quality products, and quality service, from someone who can relate. 

At Flat Mountain Living our entire ethos is blended into your experience, “To make your climb sublime”. For you and for many more generations to come. 

With so many options it is hard to make good sensible choices. So, Flat Mountain Living only offers products which have been tried and tested. Our choice of brands also need to ensure that they are sustainable and contribute to the longevity of the world we enjoy so much. 

Making the right choice should not imply losing out on an enjoyable experience. At Flat Mountain Living, we start with the desire to give and we end with the task of taking only what we need; our health, a smile and a good conscience. 


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