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why weekdays? don't believe in thinking outside the box. it is always there. deal with it. wake up earlier. get ready to go, gone running. weekday runs aren't easy. they get squeezed. they're always messy. and it felt better than your strava stats show. weekdays are a balance of your many priorities.essential. minimal and perfectly designed. geometry redefined to serve natural foot motion. our first 3 modular components coming to life. lets go.

weekdays. is gender neutral. this first version comes in a standard width and provides a bit more room in the forefoot. the heel counter is slightly softer than most running shoes. order your standard running shoe size (we are compatible with key brands on EU, US, UK sizing). the shoe provides a really smooth natural running experience. it is a neutral running shoe but provides a lot of stability through it's wider base, so it will work for many runners.

the tech talk:

3mm + 3mm = 6mm drop / stacks 18mm-24mm / dual density midsole layer / 'joie.'midsole 52(shore c): neutral and stable / 'flow.' top layer47 (shore c): softer for comfort / wide stable geometry / smooth rocker allowing for a more natural midfoot strike / grippy and durable carbon rubber outsole called 'road to nowhere.' / comfortable slightly more forgiving heel counter / high-rebound X40 ortholite insole with 20% recycled material / roomy forefoot / replaceable outsole to give your shoe a second life as a lawnmower or a dogwalker ;-)

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