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3D Perform Hijab - Kamak

3D Perform Hijab - Kamak

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The 3D hijab is a treasure! Clearly! It is almost forgotten, so light and it is a material that breathes. If I could add a comment it would be to make a tutorial on how to put it properly with the tie around the neck.

I tried the 3D Perform hijab at the gym recently and I like it
The fabric is very light & breathable wich I loved. Surprisingly enough the hijab didnt slip back wich happens very often with sport hijabs. One thing I noticed is that it doesnt cover the sideburns properly. I must mention that for me and throughout my fitness journey, I think the 3D Perform hijab is the best sport hijab I have ever tried on so far. So big thank you for the efforts
I really felt like it was made for us hijabies. So many things where considered,wich only hijab wearing women would notice

Very practical, very breathable, I recommend.

It is really very very good ! Super design,
especially comfortable and it does not move!

I havent tested it for sports yet, but I can say that its very comfortable to wear. I can totally see myself wearing it even when Im not working out because it doesnt have that egghead effect. I love the concept because I dont feel the need to put a cap underneath, it fits very well without. It looks light and breathable, what more could you want? I was hesitant to buy it before its release because of the price, but Im not disappointed at all with my purchase

Incredible the fabric is hyper pleasant to wear we do not suffocate in this sport hijab, and it is not tight at all! It is aesthetically pleasing unlike other hijab offered on the market. I tested many of them from big brands as well as smaller ones and I was not satisfied. I find it innovative the idea of the attachment at the level of the neck, very good idea I always look forward to see the new products designed taking into account our customer feedback

Hijab of very pleasant texture. Very airy, it remains dry despite big sessions of sport. It does not slip. Very important detail, it does not tighten at the level of the neck and the scratch allows him to remain well in place and not to go up.
It is easy to put on. I wear glasses and it does not press on the ears. In short it is perfect!

This hijab is a great success t ! I really like the aesthetics of the hijab, the volume, its really nice to work out with a hijab that enhances the face.
The fabric is very light and pleasant to wear and fits well the shape of the face.

A small drawback on the side of the hijab towards the ears, it does not cover easily the very small hair, but it remains light.

it suits me perfectly alhamdulillah!

The fabric is really great, the material doesnt bother me and doesnt slip, my head is properly covered and my hair doesnt seem to get damaged

I especially like the way you designed the fasteners: the two laces and the velcro!
With these its easy to put on and take off, it fits my face shape, and I dont have to stop to fix it

Very light material, comfortable and stylish. Love it! Hope you will offer further colour options in future as well.

Superb, it stays in place and holds well.

Delighted with my purchase, hijeb very fluid, easy to put, dry very quickly, very good absorption at the level of perspiration, does not move during the session

Magnificent. In terms of quality, lightness and especially aesthetics. It does not move even if we do intensive sport. Good job and thank you.

This hijab is so nice, no more tight head like with a bathing cap! The scratch is really a plus, everything stays in place thanks to that, very good think Kamak!

The only thing to complain about, but really its a detail, for those who play sports with AirPods, the laces just pass over them, and as they are relatively thin, it can bother. But to make it better, I put the headband on my head and tightened it more to keep it on.

Im going to take the new color a little emerald green navy grey. I loved so much this sport hijab!

Beautiful Hijeb! I wash it every day to put it back on. Me who wears all the sports brands I am really a fan of the design and the quality of the fabric! THANK YOU

Ultra-light sports veil, made of an opaque and breathable fabric, thanks to the innovative technology that provides maximum safety and optimal comfort.Ultra-light sports veil, made of an opaque and breathable fabric, thanks to the innovative technology that provides maximum safety and optimal comfort.
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