Our Brands : Bix Hydration

Our Brands : Bix Hydration

I suffer from cramps. Not the usual cramp. Something quite extraordinary. I am able to, at any time, even at the height of fitness, to induce my muscles to pull stiff. Just by contracting it, it will stay there. 

I remember a race, where I was in the fittest shape I have ever been. About 20 kms in, I got a cramp and it stayed, until I reached 60 km, where I defaulted. I took all types of help. I had electrolytes, cramp tablets, grandpas and I am not sure what else. I literally ran off from an aid station with a box of solutions. After researching the topic quite a bit, including speaking to coaches and doctors I do think it was somewhat of a mental problem, so this does not really relate to BIX hydration. To be honest I have not tried it in a similar situation yet… but hopefully I will soon.

Needless to say, I cramp, and I know about it. Enter Bix Hydration. By now my purpose in life seemed to be reaching many other people and a fellow runner and fitness acquaintance asked me to sell this product. 

So, I got some to test and test them I did. After a rather lazy period of not running, about a month. I said, “Let's go, you have to get yourself out of this rut.” It may seem unreal right now, but I was actually able to repeat this entire situation at least three times!

Anyways, to make matters real, I would drown myself in coffee as per normal throughout the week and drink very little water, which was rather easy for me. The morning before my run I would have another coffee of course, and also a glass of Bix, which comes in absolutely lovely flavours. This is my tongue and although I am selling it, this genuinely was my first impression. I ran 20kms that day. Returned home and had another coffee (it was winter). Then another Bix, the recovery one. No cramps. I did this a few times. 

A few weeks later, after I was fully enjoying the lifestyle of Bix, I could not induce a cramp anymore. 

Since then, a few months after, I stopped using it. I train everyday. Doing 50-60km weeks and as I sit here writing this. I can induce a cramp. So this is why we stock Bix. Feel free to try it and give us your feedback.

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